2019 National Donor Sabbath Focuses on Hope and Community

Louisville, KY. November 12, 2019, Every November, Donate Life America leads the country in observing National Donor Sabbath, a three-day observance that provides faith leaders an opportunity to bring the Donate Life message and cause of organ, eye and tissue donation to their congregations and communities. National Donor Sabbath seeks to include the days of worship (Friday-Sunday) for faith communities of major religions practiced in the United States. This year, National Donor Sabbath will be celebrated on November 15-17th. 

During National Donor Sabbath, communities of faith participate in services and programs to educate their members about the need for donation, the generosity of the gift and the importance of registering one’s decision to be an organ, eye, and tissue donor. It is a time to pray for health for recipients, strength for those waiting, and healing for donor families. National Donor Sabbath also offers a time to give thanks for registered donors, living donors and the legacy of life given by deceased donors.

All major religions in the U.S. support donation as an act of compassion and generosity. For many people, their faith and faith community play an important role in the decision to register as a deceased donor or to consider becoming a living donor. 

“My future is brighter than my past thanks to the power of prayer, the doctors and nurses at the hospital and dialysis center, the donor’s family, and support of family and friends. Years later, the kidney and pancreas are working exceptionally well. I am no longer on an insulin pump, I do not need dialysis and my blood pressure is normal,” said Corey Bellamy, kidney/pancreas recipient, and Lead Pastor at Christ Temple Church of the Apostolic Faith, International Ministries.

“I am enjoying 25 years of marriage; watching my five children mature as young adults; seeing my three grandchildren exploring the world around them; working a full-time job with the Commonwealth of Kentucky.”  

Donate Life America’s message during National Donor Sabbath is to be a symbol of hope for those who are waiting. The art and resources created for this observance featured symbols for major religions within the United States. The phrase “be a symbol” calls us all to consider our role within others’ donation and transplantation journeys. By registering your decision to be a deceased donor, you are giving hope to those waiting for a donated organ, cornea or tissues. By considering a living donation, you are taking a step towards sharing the gift of life with someone who is currently waiting for a second chance at life.