Eye Bank of Kentucky

Imagine someone seeing life through your eyes.

Your vision for a better tomorrow.

The mission of the Eye Bank of Kentucky is to restore sight through corneal transplant, ocular research and medical education. We will promote eye, organ and tissue donation while respecting and honoring the donors and their families who so selflessly give.

Of all the things we can leave behind, the gift of sight is the prettiest.

Corneal transplants can help improve the lives of the recipients and ease the burden of their loved ones.

Your loved one’s sight restored. As well as their faith.

Having your sight restored can be life changing and helping to make it happen can be so rewarding.

“Because of this remarkable gift, I will one day see my groom at the end of the church aisle. I will see the faces of my unborn children. Words cannot express my gratitude.”

Misty, Cornea Recipient