A letter from a Donor Family and member of LGBTQ community: Allen Gazaway

PRIDE is more than an event it’s how we as the LGBTQ community walk through life daily.  In today’s society we are being told that there is so much that we can’t do because of our sexual preference. Just because I had been told no doesn’t stop the urge and love for wanting to help others.  Spreading love and positivity is something that I try to do and being an organ donor will make sure that my final act in this world is one that will do just that, give back.

There are many rumors out about the LGBTQ community, which makes a lot of people have concerns about being able to donate due to health statuses. Thankfully with the passing of the Hope Act in 2015, people who are HIV+ still can donate to others with the same diagnosis. This is making it possible to save lives while simultaneously giving those who may think hope was lost a reason to smile brighter by being able to receive the Gift of Life.

So let me introduce myself to you, I am Allen Gazaway, Strong Gay Black Man, Donor Son, Registered Donor. Get registered and LET’S SAVE LIVES Y’ALL!!!


Louisville, KY