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A statewide program to inform and engage businesses and organizations about the importance of organ, cornea and tissue donation, along with an array of prizes and recognition opportunities

Thursday, May 21, 2020, Louisville, KY – The Kentucky Circuit Court Clerk’s Trust for Life (TFL) and Kentucky Organ Donor Affiliates (KODA) are thrilled to announce the kickoff of its Donate Life 2020 Kentucky Workplace Challenge, a statewide contest that will run through December 31, 2020, and will determine which businesses/organizations can add the newest names to the Organ Donor Registry, or complete the most activities that will inspire people to support donation.

Currently there are approximately 1,000 people in the Commonwealth waiting for life-saving organ transplants, while thousands more need life-enhancing tissue and cornea transplants. With participation in the Donate Life 2020 Kentucky Workplace Challenge, your business/organization can help save and heal lives right here in Kentucky by signing up for the Challenge. “This is a chance for everyone to learn about the importance of organ, cornea and tissue donation, along with sharing that message with others in their communities,” states Crysta McGee, Donate Life KY Community Educator. “We encourage each and every local business/organization to participate in this potentially life-changing opportunity.”

Here’s how it works:

  • Once you’ve registered your business/organization to participate in the challenge, you’ll receive an email that will cover everything you need to know, including donation basics and how to get people signed up on the Organ Donor Registry. Plan to have at least one leader or a committee to be in charge of the challenge.
  • We’ll provide a scorecard which outlines suggestions and activities to promote the Donor Registry in your area. Your business/organization will earn points by completing activities from the scorecard and submitting the information along with photos via social media or email.
  • Each business/organization will receive its own unique Donor Registry link to sign up for new donors online. Using your unique registry link will allow us to track your progress and determine points of the challenge.
  • Donate Life KY will provide you with a toolkit which includes everything you need to be successful, all free of charge, and includes:
  • Bridge2Life app
  • Activity scorecard
  • Educational resources
  • Donor drive giveaways
  • Social media graphics
  • Press release to send to local media outlets
  • Unique Donor Registry link

Additionally, an array of prizes will be awarded according to points accrued at the completion of the competition. The prizes include: Award certificates; a press release acknowledging your efforts; Donate Life t-shirts; a company care package; a $150 gift certificate to our Online store; and social media acknowledgment. Every business/organization that participates in the challenge will also receive recognition on our social media pages, which currently have over 20,000 followers!

To register your business/organization today visit and for further information please contact Crysta McGee at,


The mission of the Kentucky Circuit Court Clerks’ Trust For Life is to inform, educate, and encourage Kentuckians to register as organ and tissue donors to save lives. For more information visit  Kentucky Organ Donor Affiliates mission is to provide organ and tissues to those in need and to maintain a profound respect for those who gave. For more information visit These two nonprofits partner closely to educate and improve the lives of Kentuckians through organ donation and transplantation.