Bill passage sponsored by Kentucky State Senator Julie Raque Adams would expand Organ Donor Registration in the Commonwealth

(Louisville, KY- February 5, 2019) – Kentucky Senate Bill 77 will be heard in the Senate Health and Welfare Committee this Wednesday morning, February 6. at 10:00 a.m., a bill which would amend KRS 311.1947 to expand organ donor registration to the Commonwealth’s single sign-on system and become effective on January 1, 2020.

KODA and Trust For Life have worked very closely with Senator Julie Raque Adams on this bill to grow the Donor Registry.  As it stands now, the new 8-year Kentucky driver’s license will have a drastic impact on the Registry.  Currently Circuit Clerks see about 1 million people per year and always inquire about joining the Registry to anyone who isn’t already registered.  With the longer renewal cycle, that number will drop to about 500,000.  Kentucky’s registry is currently adding about 10,000 people per month, which may drop to 5,000 instantly, just due to the lack of audience.

“The passage of this bill would be monumental, literally a life-changer for so many men, women and children waiting on transplants.  The passage of this bill would be the first time, in the nation, to create a portal to the registry in this way.  It would confirm Kentucky’s role as a leader on the issue of organ and tissue donation,” states Shelley Snyder, Executive Director, Kentucky Circuit Court Clerks’ Trust For Life. “And none of this would have been possible without the sponsorship of Senator Julie Raque Adams for SB77. We honor her for her dedication and leadership on an issue that so profoundly affects the well-being of other human beings.”


Kentucky Organ Donor Affiliates mission is to provide organ and tissues to those in need and to maintain a profound respect for those who gave. For more information visit The mission of theKentucky Circuit Court Clerks’ Trust For Life is to inform, educate, and encourage Kentuckians to register as organ and tissue donors to save lives. For more information visit  These two nonprofits partner closely to educate and improve the lives of Kentuckians through organ donation and transplantation.