Rival’s For Life Continues

Rivals For Life, formerly The Gift of Life Challenge, provides an opportunity to give UK and UofL school rivalries and competitive spirit a new purpose by saving and healing lives. Rivals For Life is simple, easy and free! In the past 20 years, college students across the state of Kentucky have inspired thousands to join the Kentucky Organ Donor Registry.

During the one-week Rivals For Life Challenge, colleges and universities compete to see which school’s fanbase (UK or UofL) can register the most people as organ donors. 

Students, faculty and staff participate in the challenge through socially distanced campus events, social media posts, newsletter articles, and donor registry sign-up stations in various places.

Digital resources are provided to each participating school, along with social media influencers and volunteers as support! 

Each school receives a unique link to the donor registry. A point is designated for each time the link is used to register an individual as a donor.  Scores are shown in real time on both Rivals For Life Registry Campaign Pages.

At the end of Rivals for Life, a trophy will be awarded to the top school during the Battle of the Bluegrass, if it occurs.