Throw me a bone; make sure my best friend keeps coming home.

Throw me a bone; make sure my best friend keeps coming home.

Your pet can be the face of donor registry advocacy.

Download our signs to print at home. Choose between the original, “#SaveMyHuman”, “My Human Was a Hero”, or “My Human Was Saved”. Post a picture of your pet and their sign to social media with the hashtag #SaveMyHuman and tag our account to be featured and help spread the mission of growing the registry.


We’ve got the merch!

We’ve got something for everyone, including your four-legged friend. Each purchase goes back to help those waiting for their gift of life.

Help #SaveMyHuman and register today.

What would our pets do without us? Help pets across the world #SaveMyHuman and join the donor registry. It only takes one person to help improve the lives of up to 75 people in need.

Let’s get social!

See us on TV!

Every dog has their day, and that day should come with its human. Check out our (animated) furry friends as they trade chasing their tails for registering donors. Watch as they band together, roaming the neighborhood and handing out flyers to encourage their human owners to check “yes” and join the registry!

“Organ Donation is the most selfless thing anyone can do.”

Amanda Collier, Kidney Recipient