Share Your Gift of Life Story

Your Story Matters

The Gift of Life Stories project brings awareness to the great need for organ donation and the miracle of transplantation, and we need your help!

A collection of personal testimonials, this project welcomes everyone who has been touched by organ, tissue, and cornea donation including: transplant recipients, friends & family of recipients, donor family members or friends, patients and family/friends of those on the transplant waiting list, family/friends of those who have lost their life waiting, and living donors.  Our goal is to include at least one participant from each of Kentucky’s 120 counties.  Advocates from all states are welcome as friends of Kentucky.

…it has been such a blessing and such an amazing experience, that I would do time and time again…


Living donor

…Alex was born with damaged kidneys, ureters, and bladder. At age 14 he has 19% kidney function, our hope is to find a kidney soon so he can get back to being a teenager…


Son waiting for transplant

…He was very vocal about organ donation before he passed and was able to donate his corneas which have already been accepted and helping a young man in New Albany, IN…


Tissue donor daughter

…because of my daughter, in 2010, a 15 year old received two lungs, a 29 year old woman was gifted a heart, and two fathers each received a kidney so they could see their children grow up…


Organ donor mother