While KODA only works with deceased donors, living donation is a program we love and promote as well.

Living donation is completely voluntary. Being a registered organ donor does not mean you will be called to give an organ while living.

To start the process of becoming a living donor, you must contact the transplant center of the patient you’re donating to. After that, the process involves rigorous health testing and matching.

There are two transplant hospitals in the state of Kentucky that have a living donation program: Jewish Hospital in Louisville and University of Kentucky Hospital in Lexington. The two most commonly used organs for living donation are the kidney and liver. You only need one kidney in order to live and the liver regenerates (grows back) which makes this type of donation possible.

For more information, visit https://ukhealthcare.uky.edu/transplant/services/kidney/living-donor-kidney-transplant/ or http://www.kentuckyonehealth.org/living-kidney-donor-transplant-program.