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Kentucky Donor Memorial

The Donor Memorial was created to honor donors and their generous Gift of Life to others. The memorial serves as a tribute to all who have helped others through donation and transplantation. The Donor Memorial was dedicated in Spring 2009 and is located on the grounds of the Capitol Monument Park, directly adjacent to the State Capitol in Frankfort, Kentucky.

The Donor Memorial encompasses the bronze Gift of Life donor medal, designed by the Gift of Life Donor Program in Philadelphia. The medal depicts the many gifts that one person is able to give to others through donation. The medal is mounted on a 7-foot granite monolith, with an inscription describing those touched by the generosity of every donor. Two granite benches are on both sides of the memorial, providing a place for reflection for donor families and others.

The Donor Memorial was dedicated to donors and their families by the Kentucky Organ Donor Affiliates and the Kentucky Circuit Court Clerks’ Trust for Life. Donor families and friends, as well as visitors to the state capital, can visit the memorial at any time, and be reminded of the precious Gift of Life and the ability to help others through donation.

700 Capital Avenue
Frankfort, Kentucky 40601

As you are approaching the Capitol Rotunda, try to park on the street before you get to the Capitol steps, either on the road leading up to the Capitol or alongside the steps. The Donor Memorial is in the grassy Monument Park, to the right as you look up at the Capitol Rotunda, behind the benches and stone wall. It is large, but there are trees around it.