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Becky Kain-Grimes-Liver Recipient/Tissue Donor

Picture 2 of Jack Kain's Daughter (640x451) (2) In 1993, Our mother needed a Liver. Thanks to the Organ Donor program and the kindness of another’s Family loss our Mother was able to live another 21 Years! We will always be forever grateful to them. There will always be a special place in our hearts for what that family gave to ours in their time of loss. In our Mother’s passing this on Nov.10, 2014, she wanted to give back. The Organ Donor program was able to use some of her tissue, bone and eyes to help another family. It is Comforting to know that our Mother, Becky Kain-Grimes will help another family in their time of need.picture of Jack Kain's Daughter (427x640)