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Bill- Liver Recipient

Bill “Cody” Rose, a retired truck driver and motorcycle fanatic, began feeling under the weather one Christmas. After further examination with his Doctor, it was found that Bill’s blood sugar levels were exceptionally high.  He was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes, but was also informed there was a more serious illness present; he also had Hepatitis C. Bill began treatment for his Hepatitis but ultimately would need a transplant. During his wait, Bill received two calls of having a donor, both of which fell through. Bill finally got a third phone call that ultimately changed his life forever. In March 2016, Bill underwent a successful liver transplant.


Three years later, Bill is feeling better than ever. He enjoys riding his motorcycle and spending time with his daughter and grandson. He is thankful for his donor and the second chance of life he has been given and encourages everyone to be an organ donor.


Bill’s philosophy is to live life to the fullest and enjoy each day you have. Thankfully because of his donor, Bill is able to do just that.