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Bob Hoffmeister – Liver Recipient

I was on vacation through the holidays enjoying a wonderful and comfortable life with my family.  As I cleaned the snow off my car to go back to work that first Monday morning in January 1999, I wasn’t feeling very good, but I had been on vacation and really needed to get back to work.   I didn’t go to work that day!  Instead, I ended up in the hospital with an infection that started liver problems that had not previously been detected.  That was the beginning of a long journey to a liver transplant. 

My story is simple.  I was a regular guy who went to bed one night and woke up the next morning facing the biggest challenge of my life.  The wait became a physical and emotional roller coaster.  Would I make it until an organ became available?  It wasn’t always easy, but I tried to keep a positive attitude.  My family and friends were always there to support me.  My faith in God and my church were always a big part of my life, but I think one of the main things I learned during this was how important it was to be part of a faith community that gave me their love and support.  I never felt alone during this journey.  Then I had my liver transplant in May 2000.

Life is good these days!  I’ve seen my daughters graduate from college and grow into great young women.  I walked one of them down the aisle at her wedding and now have a beautiful little granddaughter who I love to spoil.

Organ donation is so important because most of those waiting are other “regular” people like me holding on for their life.   My donor and donor family are always in my thoughts and prayers.  They made the decision to give me life.