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Brandy- Donor Mom

My son Colt Tuff had just turned 6 months on the day his life and his grandfathers life were taken from them! They were involved in a camper trailer accident on Memorial Day which killed his grandfather instantly. Colt was flown to a children’s hospital to where we found out he was brain dead.

I had never considered the thought that one day I may have to make the decision of organ donation for one of my children. My husband and I were already registered organ donors prior to this situation, and although we knew it was something we wanted done with our organs, it was something we weren’t extremely adamant about.

While there was a wait for them to legally declare Colt brain dead, I had decided I wanted Colt’s organs to be donated. It wasn’t something I had to put a lot of thought in because something just came over me telling me that I needed to do this! I needed to make a positive out of this horrible situation. Colt needed to be remembered as the Little superhero that saved 3 lives, not the baby who was killed on Memorial Day.

We informed the doctors that we wanted to do organ donation. Colts organs went on to save 1 adult and 2 tiny children and we couldn’t be more thankful for those people allowing Colt to live on through them! We can’t choose the cards that are dealt to us, however and we can choose to find a positive in every negative!We choose to be #TUFFSTRONG!

Since the organ donation process, we very strongly encourage people to register to be an organ donor. You can’t take your organs to heaven with you, so save a life. Be a true hero!