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Bruce-Liver Recipient

I was a Human Resources Director for a major coal company for 18 years. I also have been a guitar player and singer for many years. One day I was at work and just simply forgot how to operate a computer and print off a document! And a while later I went into an episode where I basically was awake but I didn’t know how to function!
After many tests at 3 different hospitals, the U.K. Hospital doctors discovered that I had Hepetic Encephalopathy and needed a liver transplant. I was on the list for over 4 and almost 5 years! I would have the episodes bi-weekly if not weekly! Of course I couldn’t work or play the guitar any longer! My wife and my 2 daughters had to basically keep a watch on me daily!
Then, after a Specialist Doctor at UK discovered that I had a special type of a liver disease in which it was basically deteriorating my brain! He wrote a special letter to UNOS, which is the federal organization who determines where donated organs are to be given, and they upped my my MELD Score. Then within a month or so I received the phone call that they had a donated liver for me! That was September 28, 2015!

I am such a blessed man because of someone’s selfless decision to become an Organ Donor! With the simple registration, you can make a huge DIFFERENCE in someone’s life and their families! I pray for the donors family daily and I don’t have the words to say to thank them and their loved one enough! Because of the selfless decision, I am a father, husband, friend, and soon to be a Grand Father of 2 new grand babies! Life is Good! Please register!

May you have a Blessed Day!