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Cara Brahm- Double Lung Recipient

Pic (320x240)Hello, my name is Cara Brahm. I received a double lung transplant on September 8th 2014. I have battled the disease Cystic Fibrosis for many years. In October 2013, I was sick enough to be added to the transplant waiting list. At that time, I had been “existing” instead of living. I was on oxygen 24/7, battled frequent infections, struggled to breathe, and had to depend on assistance from family & friends. A few days before my transplant, I was hospitalized and went into respiratory arrest and was placed in the ICU.

On September 7th, two nurses came into my room smiling and said there may be lungs for me. I began to cry and was hoping this was the miracle I had waited 11 months for. The surgery went well and I slowly regained my health.

My sister Lisa and I are both lung transplant survivors and are involved in the Second Chance of Kentucky group to increase awareness of organ donation. We are also planning to attend the Transplant Games in Cleveland Ohio in June 2016 with our family. Now being able to do just “normal” things like take a walk, go to the store, spend time with family & friends mean a lot. I got to see my daughter begin High School recently too! I look forward to continue watching her grow into a smart young woman. I encourage everyone to sign up for the Kentucky Organ Donor Registry. It has changed my families’ life and may change yours as well – Donate Life!