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Carol Joiner – Kidney Transplant Waiting List

 **UPDATE on Ms. Joiner:
“I have a wonderful new story. As of January 27, 2013 I became the recipient of a kidney. I received it at Jewish Hospital in Louisville. My old story was that I was on dialysis for 3 and a half years, I had Lupus nephritis.  I finally got a call on Saturday the 26 of January that they had a match. So far things have gone smoothly, I feel healthier everyday, and I know it will just get better. I am so grateful to my organ donor and the family that let it happen. Someday in the future I wish I could meet them and thank them.  I know it is to soon for that, but that is what I hope will happen. Right now I am just the happiest person on this earth, I can’t quit smiling! Everyone please talk to your family about organ donation before it is too late to know how they feel. It is easier than ever to register online at You never know whose life you may save, it could be a member of your family.” -Carol



My name is Carol Joiner, I live in Madisonville, the county seat of Hopkins County, Kentucky.  In the summer of 2009, I was blindsided by a disease called Lupus Nephritis.  It literally destroyed my kidneys.  My nephrologist tried many things including dialysis to try to save my kidneys, but it did not happen.  I am now on 2 transplant lists hoping to get a new kidney, someday.   I am still on dialysis.  If I do not get a kidney , I will be on dialysis for the rest of my life.   My best hope at getting a new kidney is from an organ donor, deceased or alive.

That brings me to one of the most important subject in my life right now and that is to encourage everyone to become an organ donor.  It is very simple, just go to WWW.DONATELIFEKY.ORG and register.

I registered to become an organ donor about 4 years ago when one of my son’s best friends was killed in a car accident, he was an organ donor, when I found that out I thought what an admirable thing for him to do at such a young age.  I immediately got myself signed up to be an organ donor.  Little did I know at the time that I would need an organ some day.  It is a very simple thing for people of all ages to do.  You never know whose life you may save someday.  It could be mine!!