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Cindy- Donor

My mom, Cindy, was always a giving person.  She would do anything for anyone.

She was a good listener and if you ever needed a shoulder to cry on, she would always be there for you.  Cindy enjoyed making crafts, going to the Amish stores, and attending Garrard County sporting events.

We had never talked about organ donation before she passed away, but since she was such a giving person, we decided to donate, so that she could give someone an amazing gift.  We just kept thinking over and over in our head that she could help save another person’s life.

It helped with our grieving process because I was able to know that Cindy was helping someone else and giving them life.  I knew that if it was someone I loved, who was in need, we would want them to get their transplant.  Cindy saved 2 lives through organ donation.  She was also able to help plenty more people by donating other organs to research.

We would like the public to know that organ donation is a very good thing.  You could save another person’s life, like my mom did.  She is a hero.

-Donor Daughter, Alicia LoganDSC_2268