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Destiny- Donor

Our Destiny lived life full of energy, enthusiasm, and unselfish love.  Her vibrance was always evident in her beautiful smile and laughter, whether she was dancing, cheering, winning beauty pageants or picking up other’s litter on the road side. Destiny wanted to encourage and help others, simply giving a smile, kind words and forgiveness easily; loving to give to those in need because it was just the “right thing to do” and “be like Jesus”.  So wise beyond her 10 years!

On an unimaginable day in 2010, our beautiful girl’s life was cut short when  Destiny and her grandmother were hit by a drunk driver. From this horrific tragedy came the live-saving opportunity for 5 organ recipients in 3 states, plus many more lives improved through the generous gifts that Destiny’s family agreed to through organ and tissue donation.  Now other families get to enjoy their loved ones, as well as precious Destiny.  We hope to meet them someday.

Through the last 7 years, we have celebrated the milestones that Destiny should have and thought of the families doing the same from Destiny’s gifts.  We know that they are grateful for another day and year with their own precious loved ones.  We hope that ‘Destiny’s Song’ by Steele & Rubino gives comfort, hope and awareness in a hurting world.   We pray for stronger DUI laws.

When our story helps others understand and see the need to serve others, it is what helps us to heal.   First, we ask that no one drives impaired and secondly: please say ”YES” to donation and allow others to be blessed and not go through this loss if a life can be saved.