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Donna- Recipient’s wife

My husband was the recipient of a donor liver in 2004. He was a young man with two boys ages 9 and 14. He developed liver cancer. To survive he needed a liver transplant. Four days after he was put on the transplant list, he received a call to come to the hospital since there was a perfect match for him. This was a definite miracle and one we have never forgotten. He was able to watch his young boys graduate from school and college and grow into responsible and devoted young men. We were blessed with 16 additional years that we would never have had due to the generous gift of a donor. Because of his cancer, and other health issues, he only survived for 16 years after his transplant. But what a great 16 years we all had together as a family. He was a devoted 4H shooting sports leader that inspired all the youth to do their best. All our friends and family have been so inspired they have become registered organ donors.