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Emily- Dad is waiting for a Kidney Transplant

Organ donation means so much to me. My father is in need of a kidney transplant due to PKD. (Polycystic Kidney Disease) My grandfather had the same disease and was the recipient of a kidney transplant that lasted him over 30 years. I also had a great uncle who was the recipient of a heart transplant.

I’m so passionate about this cause because I feel there is so much the public is unaware of. I never would have got the chance to know my grandfather if he didn’t have his kidney transplant. After transplantation, he was the most active grandfather ever. When talking about the gift of life he received over 30 years ago, he often said, “I just didn’t know how bad I really felt until after the transplant.”

After living a full life, we lost him in January of 2020. I am forever grateful to his donor for giving me the opportunity to know my grandfather. I believe it is so important for everyone to join the registry to give the ultimate gift of life. By registering, you could save a parent, child, sibling, aunt/uncle, grandparent, cousin, friend, coworker, etc.