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It is no secret that Ethan Potter was loved by anyone who knew him. Ethan was a loving Son, Brother, and Friend with a selfless heart who loved to bring smiles to people’s faces.

At a young age, Ethan had a passion for helping people and knew he wanted to pursue his dreams of being a helper. Ethan stayed true to himself and fulfilled his dreams of being a helper and someone’s hero when he signed up to be an Organ/Eye/Tissue Donor at the local Circuit Court Clerk’s office when getting his Driver’s License.


A few years later, Ethan decided he would continue to serve others by joining the United States Air Force, another step in his heroic legacy. Ethan’s time was shortened here, as he unexpectedly passed away in June 2020, but his legacy continues to live through those he helped.

Ethan’s decision to sign up as an Organ/Eye/Tissue donor allowed him to share the gift of sight with two individuals through cornea donation at the time of his passing, providing a priceless gift to the recipients.

Ethan will continue to be known as a HERO to all who knew him and to those he touched through donation.