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George Stoddard – Liver Transplant Recipient

Several days following my liver transplant, as I was lying in my hospital bed, I began to see a bright light shining on the wall.  It appeared to be an angel who looked at me and said, “George, I am going to give you a second chance at life.”  I was completely amazed and before I knew it she was gone.

The next day I shared that experience with Kara, a girl in the room next to mine, who also needed a liver transplant. A few days later, as I prepared to go home, I gave Kara a beautiful balloon bouquet.  The next morning, I received a phone call that Kara had also been visited by my angel.  Later that day, Kara received the transplant she so desperately needed.

The angel’s visit changed my life.  I see the world through new eyes and I continue to make positive changes in my life.  I hope to serve as a messenger like the angel was to me; delivering a message of hope. 

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