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Herb Devary – Liver Recipient

I was diagnosed with Chronic liver failure in 1998.  I was back and forth to the doctors and transplant center through 2010.  I acquired cirrhosis’ of the liver by getting Hepatitis C through a blood transfusion in the early 1980’s.  This was before they ever knew about this disease.  They knew about Hepatitis A and B but not C yet. I was on and off the transplant list from 1998 to 2010 before receiving my transplant.

I’m very thankful to have another chance at life which a lot of other people don’t get. I thank our Lord and God above especially and the donor and donor’s family. The donor was a caring person wanting to help people’s lives.  He was truly a hero.  I’m so sorry for the family and their loss but thankful I can live on and tell of this miracle that God has made and that this person still lives on in me.