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Jacob- Donor

Jacob was a college sophomore, studying to become a physical therapist. Fiercely competitive, he enjoyed being active in sports and continued playing baseball in college. Jacob was the kind of kid that could make friends with a fencepost. He was approachable, kind, and had a smile that made you feel like you had known each other forever. His high school and college classmates and teammates knew they could count on him to be there for them, remembering him for his kindness and wonderful–yet sometimes mischievous–smile.

Hours after his car accident, we learned that Jacob had indicated that he wished to be an organ donor, and we were so proud and thankful for his selfless desire to help someone else. The tragic death of our son marked the worst day of our lives; however, knowing that he had

chosen to help others by being an organ donor helped ease the pain that no parent should ever feel. We are thankful for our nineteen years we had with our son and it brings us comfort knowing that even in death, our son helped others.