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James- Heart Recipient

James post-opJames was born on August 24, 2015 with a congenital heart defect that was very complex. They didn’t know of he’d even make it to birth! Thankfully he came out crying however,  they sent him to the NICU where he would later go into cardiac arrest. That’s when the doctors at Monroe Carroll Jr. Children’s Hospital decided his best option was a heart transplant.

We waited and watched our baby boy lie in his bed with tubes and wires covering his tiny body; then the call we hoped for came! On October 7, 2015 James was going to receive his brand new heart! It saddened us to think of another parents grief over their child but we were so thankful they let their sweet baby be a donor! They saved our James!James Smiling

Today James is a healthy 7 month old boy! He’s as happy as ever and doing amazing! Organ donation saved our child by the grace of God! You never know whose life you could be saving one day by simply saying yes! I believe every one should register to be an organ donor because you can save lives and leave something extraordinary to a family who has lost hope during a difficult time. I know me and my family will always be donors, we’ve seen the miracle of organ donation and will never forget it!