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Jason Lee Bruce – Organ Donor

Jason loved his daughter, Kentucky basketball and St. Louis Cardinal baseball.  He was always loyal to his family, with a big heart for those in need.  Jason had discussed organ donation with his family, showing a strong desire for using his ability to help others, in the event something should happen.  Jason died during surgery after a terrible automobile accident on Easter Sunday 2007.  Knowing that a part of our precious Jason will live on through donation, has somehow helped us through this difficult journey of life without him. There are two recipients that have been helped because of our Jason’s loving heart and soul. Because of his generous and loving nature, Jason has inspired several others that we know of, to sign the registry for organ and tissue donation.

He is our Hero.

-Shared by Jason’s Mother, Danita







New Post from Danita Bozarth 11/13/2014

Our Jason was twenty years old when we lost him from injuries he sustained in an automibile accident in April of 2007. Jason and I had discussed donation with me initiating the conversation. I wanted him to know my wishes never dreaming it would me that would be the one left behind to make that final decision. But it was a easy decision during an extremely trying time because during our conversation, Jason let me know he’s wishes. Jason has an eight year old daughter and only recently I explained to her the wonderful, selfless gift her father had left behind. She is a very loving little girl who has taken her piggy bank money and gave it for cancer research. She’s sold lemonade with those proceeds going to cancer research. She said to me one day ” mamaw I’m alot like my dad, aren’t I. I said yes baby you are, but how do you mean? She said, because I want to help people too. I was at a lose for words. At 8 she understood.