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Jeanne-Donor Wife

  My husband Steve had a massive heart attack almost 3 years ago this month on March 30th 2014.

He was 58 years old. He didn’t survive. I worked with the hospital nursing staff to donate his organs.

I wanted to bring hope and the possibility of life to others in the wake of his death.

We had not really discussed organ donation but he was a very giving person and I know he would have been pleased to have been able to help others.

For me organ donation was the opportunity to turn a devastating loss into an opportunity to give others life. A chance to honor my husband in a wonderful way that would bring renewed joy and life to others.
I am very grateful that the staff reached out to me with the organ donation information. At the time, the paperwork and questions seemed endless but I understand the need to be thorough. And my mind was distraught over my loss.

Looking back I wish we had both been members of the registry. It it would have made the process so much easier when he died. I think it is very important that everyone is aware of this amazing and simple opportunity to save lives. Although people are grieving and overwhelmed at the time of a loved ones death, this is a beacon of hope and light to help others . It helped me cope with the tragedy.

I have learned so much from hearing the stories of both donors & recipients. It is really heartening to hear of the successful transplants and of the amazing accomplishments these people have continued to live with their new organs.

It only seems fitting, bringing to me a sense of peace that my husband would have been pleased that he helped others at the end of his life.