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John Mays – Lung Recipient

My name is John Mays, a 63 year old son, brother, husband, father, and grandfather, that can continue to be part of my loved ones lives today because of organ donation.  I am from Morgan County, but now live in Oldham County.  I spent over 25 years in the Jefferson County School System’s Information  Technology Department with many of the last years becoming increasingly challenging due to breathing difficulties from severe COPD, eventually requiring high liter oxygen flow.  As my oxygen saturations continued to decline, it had started taking a toll on my general health, as well as putting an awful load on my heart.   It was time for a miracle.

I was placed first on the waiting list at Jewish Hospital on October 31st.  Due to the generosity of someone who wished to help others, I received a double lung transplant on March 17, 2012 and a new start at life.  On St. Patrick’s Day, a day for more than just luck, I began my recuperation.  After adjusting medications and physical therapy in the hospital, I am home and continue to get stronger.  I am no longer tethered to an oxygen tank and tube!  I can walk without assistance.  I can hold and play with our grandchild.

Having been unable to do much for several years, I have renewed goals of enjoying my family and simply getting to do things around the house – daily things that we often take for granted.  Every breath is a gift.  We are all so thankful.

Honor all those in need by placing your name on the Kentucky Organ Donor Registry when you renew your driver’s license in your county – even better, join today at  I have my life back, because of organ donation.