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Kidney recipient

Johnathan Oney is a dedicated Father, Husband and Faith Leader, but little did he know, all those titles were soon to be in jeopardy when he was given the news of needing a life-saving kidney transplant.

Johnathan gave a detailed account of his journey, beginning at the moment he heard the news of needing a lifesaving transplant. It was as if someone stole the breathe out of his lungs. He had been sick for some time with kidney disease and was receiving dialysis treatment; but never anticipated this would be his life journey.  Transplant was certainly nothing Johnathan, nor his family knew about, but he was determined to fight as hard as he could to survive.

The transplant journey for Jonathan started out with simply educating himself about the topic. He shared his transplant team was amazing and extremely supportive in navigating each step.  Discussions, options, all the things as he described it. What would be the right decision? What if the transplant never happened?

Unfortunately, for Jonathan, as it is for many who’re waiting, the process was grueling both mentally and physically. Months and months of hurry up and wait and wait and wait…. Then an even harder challenge appeared in Jonathan’s journey, he was diagnosed with kidney cancer. This diagnosis brought his wait to an abrupt halt. Until the cancer was taken care of, and Jonathan was cleared from the Doctors, he was no longer eligible to be on the transplant waitlist.

Johnathan shared that he continued to fight as hard as he could, but with each day he grew sicker and weaker. Jessica, his Wife, bared the great weight of being his primary care giver, as he could no longer drive, bathe himself, work, or complete any daily function on his own. He shared he wanted nothing more than to pick up and hold his children, but even holding them was too much for his body at the time.

Johnathan was determined to continue his fight and eventually was re-listed. However, he knew if his donor didn’t come soon, his time would be very short.

He received a call from his transplant center that they had found a living donor to be his match. Yet, not just a match, “a perfect” one per his medical team. The doctors wasted no time in moving forward with his life saving transplant.  In less than a week, he was in the hospital, transplanted and released with a new and perfectly functioning kidney. His donor was fully recovered and back to work in less than a week as well.

Today, Johnathan is living a happy, healthy life for which he is so grateful.  Since the transplant he’s been able to do many things. Johnathan has returned to work as a professional Counselor, fulfilling his passion of helping others through mental health care. He’s been able to  adopt his beautiful daughters, making them “officially Oney’s”, and expand his reach through speaking in churches and other areas of faith. Johnathan shared he is very strong in his beliefs and accounts his story to God and his selfless donor.