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Kara- UK Nurse and Recipient Wife

I’m Kara Bauereis, and I’m a Neuro & Neuro-surg ICU at University of Kentucky.  I have the honor to work with Donor Families, KODA & the mission of organ donation.  This is especially personal to me because I’m also affiliated with this mission as a wife.  My husband is a double lung recipient.  He received the gift of life in May 2013 due to Cystic Fibrosis. 

Today, he is doing phenomenal.  He’s an Anesthesiologist at UK.  He love hunting and was able to travel west and go 30 miles into the mountains thanks to his transplant.  I am an advocate for the gift of life.  I’ve seen the impact on makes on donor families and recipients.  I am honored to share our story and want to help, in any way, to promote this mission.