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Karen- Donor Wife

On August 4, 2013, my husband, Aaron Barnes, had a motorcycle accident about two miles from home.  He was not wearing a helmet.  The damage to his brain was too severe.  He was only 44 years old.  August 7, 2013, was the day he was pronounced deceased.


Aaron had signed the back of his driver’s license to be an organ donor.  I had no reservations about this.  His senseless, tragic accident cost him his life.  In his death, he helped save the lives of three people.


Aaron’s left kidney was transplanted into a 50-year-old woman from KY.  She was a divorced, single mother.


His right kidney went to a 46-year-old man also from KY.  He had just obtained his bachelor’s degree and worked full time.


His liver was transplanted into a married, father of two, 62-year-old man from Maryland.


All three recipients were doing well after their successful transplants.


It helps me to know that he was able to give 3 people a second chance at life.