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Heart Recipient

Miss Katelee Blythe Hylton was born on St. Patrick’s Day.
Her parents already knew about her Congenital Heart Defects because she was diagnosed while she was still growing in her momma’s belly. She temporarily relocated from Pike County to Cincinnati to await baby Katelee’s birth. However, after Katelee was born, her doctors found her heart’s defects were even more complex than they had anticipated. Katelee’s only chance at life was to stay in the hospital, hooked up to medications and machines, and hope for a heart transplant. At only 3 weeks and 5 days old, Katelee received her gift of life! Her family has been blessed to watch her grow and learn with her sisters, never taking for granted each beat of her heart is a precious gift! Now she is 8 years old and thriving in the second grade!