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Kyle Jackey – Donor

Our 39 year old son, Kyle, died on March 30, 2011.  He died at home, peacefully in his sleep.

When we got to the hospital, our daughter-in-law asked what we thought of donating Kyle’s organs.  We didn’t hesitate with our answer of YES.

Kyle was a man who always gave to anyone who had a need.  During college he gave his last few dollars to a friend to put gas in the car for a trip home.  He always helped those in trouble.  Kyle was a good man.

Knowing his giving, helpful spirit, why would we not agree to donate his organs.  In our love of Kyle, his organs were donated.  Unfortunately, because of an autopsy, his vital organs could not be used.  But we were told that up to 60 people might be helped by use of his veins, tissue and skin.  How wonderful – for us, his family and for the recipients and their families.  We would appreciate meeting some of them.

(Shared by Kyle’s parents – Mary & Gerald Jackey.)