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Lauren-Donor’s Sister

My Brother – My Warrior – My Hero – My Angel

Your Legacy is a chapter that most don’t know,

Your last battle in life before God called you home.

As you lay there lifeless ‘til the week’s end,

With tubes and wires from your head to your hands.


No one knows the struggles your physical body faced,

Only you and God knew of your true saving grace.

“Another bit of bad news” was your report every day,

Small signs and signals that you were slowly slipping away.


Your pupils wouldn’t react, and your brain was swelling,

Your frantic breathing was only telling

Of the physical pain, your body endured

But God had bigger plans, and YOU were the CURE.


You were a perfect candidate for organ donation,

A precious gift of life for another family’s celebration.

Though you were slipping, you held on tight,

You fought long and hard, ‘til a match was in sight.


The day finally came, the day you had to go,

The day you fought your final battle and God took you home.

An Honor Walk was held, by the staff & KODA team,

On the way to the operation room, it was the largest walk they’d seen.


They lined the halls in silence, Tears shed here and there,

We could feel the love, support, and every single prayer.

The halls went on forever, but now the O.R. in our sight,

My tears started building, and my chest felt tight.


The Doctor’s made clear; you have a small window to pass,

A 30-minute time frame, for your organs to last.

As you lay on the surgery table, so lifeless and sweet,

We stayed by your side stroking your cheek.


Reminiscing on stories, and your past memories we shared,

We never left your side so you wouldn’t be scared.

The surgeon said ‘It’s time’ and our hearts started racin’,

We knew in these last moments your soul would be taken.


From here on out, we’ll never be the same,

One less hug, one less smile, one less person in our frames.

The process started, and you looked like a little boy,

So sweet, so innocent, and always full of joy.


We stayed by your side, cried, and held you close,

As your breaths got more shallow and your heart started to slow.

We knew at this point God had you in his grips,

But it’s the hardest thing we had to do; watching you slip.


Minutes felt like seconds as we were saying Goodbye,

Cheering you to go home, as you lay there, we cried.

The second quickly came, and your heart had stopped,

In this second we felt empty, sadden, and lost.


You did it though buddy, you saved multiple lives,

Our family grew from your loving sacrifice.

With a gift so precious, the gift of life,

You’ll always be a hero, not just to us, but in their eyes.


You can finally rest in peace, your battle you have won,

Addiction and life’s struggles have all been overcome.

You saved three lives, and potentially more,

Your legacy and battle will never go ignored.


You beat Satan’s grips, and fulfilled the Lord’s plan,

You are a warrior, a hero, and now a sweet Angel, my man.

Though you’re no longer with us, we will never be apart,

Pieces of you remain on earth, and forever in our hearts.



12/04/95 – 07/28/20