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Lindsey-Donor Daughter

Organ Donation became really important in 2010, when my dad Nick Jones II had an accident and through the tragic incident, he saved 8 lives through Organ Donation.

I have been a registered Organ Donor since 2007 when I received my diver license. I love the Kentucky Organ Donor Affiliates. The people we have come in contact with, through organ donation/KODA have always been nothing short of amazing individuals. I want the public to know that Organ Donation is “giving the gift of life” to someone who needs a transplant or someone who is becoming a donor. Saving thousands of lives a year through donated eye,tissues and organs is such an amazing and selfless act.

When death brings sorrow and pain, you can find  Peace & comfort through organ donation. It brings happiness knowing your loved one is living on and helping someone else spend time with their loved ones.

My family has experienced both sides of donationMy granddad received a heart transplant in 1997 and lived 16 year more years. He passed away from other illnesses in Jan. 2010. I am forever grateful my granddad received a new heart.  If he hadn’t, I wouldn’t have had him in my life for so many good years.

I encourage everyone I meet to become a registered organ donor, I advocate for so many great things it brings to your life and others. I hope one day that everyone will want to become registered and if they ever needed a transplant that they will know it would not be possible without a donor’s selfless gift.