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Mark Maloney – Living Kidney Donor

A favorite quote of mine comes from Ann Lopez, wife of comedian George Lopez:

“Nobody should have two kidneys until everybody has one kidney.”  Ann donated a kidney to her husband, who is healthy and funny as ever.

As for me, Mark Maloney, I am a Nicholasville resident and a Lexington sportswriter.  I also donated a kidney, to my friend Charley, in 2000.  We call the date, March 28, our kidney-versary.  Although Charley has had recent health problems, the kidney has never been better.

My health on one kidney has been unaffected.  My outlook is another matter.  Charley had been on dialysis for an extraordinary time – 23 years!  I have been blessed to have seen his life extended and to see him do things with his family that once were not possible.  I have met other transplant recipients, living donors and donor families (who have had a deceased family member donate). 

The gift of life rewards not only recipients, but also donors and donor families.  In death, we have a choice: bury or cremate our remains, thus leaving another family to mourn a death; or donate our organs, thus giving life in death.

Please say YES.  Sign the donor registry!