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Mary Overstreet – Kidney Transplant Recipient

Imagine you’re healthy and full of life, then suddenly faced with a deadly prognosis.  That happened to me when I was diagnosed with Goodpasture’s Syndrome, an autoimmune disease in which the body’s own defense system attacks the lungs and kidneys.  This disease destroyed my kidneys, requiring me to begin dialysis immediately.

The first day at the dialysis clinic I felt saddened at the sight of so many individuals depending on these life-saving dialysis machines.  I became a part of that environment for three days a week and soon came to realize that the very process keeping me alive was gradually killing me.

Finally, a miracle!  God had prepared the way for me to be given a second chance at life through a selfless angel who had signed the back of her driver’s license to become an organ donor.  I finally received the life-saving kidney transplant I had been praying for.

No one knows when organ donation may affect their life; therefore I encourage everyone to join the KY Organ Donor Registry when you renew your driver’s license. 

 Don’t take your organs to Heaven; heaven knows we need them here.