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Mike – Liver Recipient

  I was diagnosed with Primary Sclerosis Cholecystitis over 20 Years ago. My initial diagnosis foretasted that I would require a transplant within 7 years. I luckily experienced many more years than the initial diagnosis and I am grateful for the time I had prior to my true need for the transplant.

Approximately 3 years ago I began to experience esophageal varieties which led to cirrhosis of my liver. After many procedures to repair the varieties – I experienced hepatacellular carcinoma on my liver which was treated with chemo beads through a TACE process. After a 6 month watch period, my cancer was stable and even reduced enough so that i was able to be listed on the transplant list.

Through the grace of God, I received a second chance at life through the selfless actions of a strangers family who donated the organ I now have within my body. I have had some difficulty in my recovery and I still have a way to go, but it’s all worth it and it’s time for me to give back and help others who may be in need of a lifesaving organ donation.