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Minnalies Proeschel – Cornea Donor

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My name is Ruth Proeschel and I am a deputy clerk at the Pendleton Co. Justice Center. Minnalies Proeschel was my mother-in-law. She was one of the most giving individuals I had ever known. She was generous with herself and time for others. As a matter of fact, she was doing her last deed of kindness when she passed away. A near-by neighbor was ill so Minnalies fixed her a pot of homemade chicken soup. On her way to deliver the soup, she dropped to the ground with a heart attack. Our family received notice that her beautiful blue eyes had been taken to give sight to someone in need. What a beautiful way to “pass it on”.



I encourage everyone to take that extra step and help those in need by joining the Kentucky Organ Donation Registry. That “someone” in need could be a friend or family member.