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Nancy-Liver Recipient

  I was placed on the liver transplant list in 2007 and was blessed to receive my liver in 2013. During my long wait, the Lord impressed on me to pray for my donor and my donor’s family, so I prayed each day for them.

After my transplant I sent a card to my donor’s family expressing my sorrow for their great loss and to let them know how appreciative I was for their precious unselfish gift of life they bestowed on me. After a brief time I received a letter from my donor’s mother, we continued to communicate through KODA with one another, then after about a year she released her personal information to be given to me.

I immediately signed the form to release my info to her. We are now able to communicate with one another without going through KODA. I am so thankful to my donor, his family, my medical team at UK and my Lord for my 2nd chance at life. I’m so thankful to my family, friends and church family for all their prayers and support.  Organ Donation and someone’s selfless gift, saved my life.