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Natalie- 3 time liver recipient

I am a three time liver transplant recipient that was born with a genetic disorder Crigler-Najjar. My first
transplant was in June of 1991. It was a living related from my father. It worked great for the first two
weeks but the arteries were too small and kept clotting off. The donated lobe was removed and my body
was in shock. I began suffering from seizures and lost the ability to speak. I received a donated liver in
July. I kept my liver, and the donated liver was another partial. That one stayed with me until my senior
year of high school, even though I was in chronic rejection.  I began having problems with various things, and my pediatrician decided to send me on to Chicago to wait in the hospital for a donor to become available. I was in the hospital starting in October, and received
a donation on November 12, 1996. That was my sister‘s 21st birthday. Thank the Lord that everything
worked out the way It did. I am now 25+ years away from transplant. It has been hugely successful in
making my life much healthier. I am now thriving and trying to raise awareness for those still in need
because transplant can be a wonderful gift that is completely selfless. There is no greater gift than giving
of oneself. You must make your family aware of your wants because in the end they will have to decide
to let you donate.