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Nicki-Living Kidney Donor

My story is simple, I believe in helping people. My parents instilled in me a giving nature. I believe that we should help one another. God gave me two kidneys, and lucky for me, mine were healthy, so I became a living Kidney Donor.
I wish that more people would donate, so that so many wouldn’t have to needlessly die every year. I believe that the mission of organ donation is to help provide people with a better life. To help people resume a more normal life. The life of someone on dialysis, is one of constantly being hooked up to a machine to sustain their life. If more people would donate the people on dialysis would be able to have their lives back.
I only wish more people knew that they can donate now, that they don’t have to wait till they pass. I have really been surprise of how many people have told me that they didn’t know that you could just donate your kidney to a stranger. Most people know that you can donate to a family member, but so many more don’t realize that you can donate to a complete stranger.
I hope that one day there will not be people dying from the lack of healthy kidneys, or any another organ. If everyone would join the Kentucky Organ Donor Registry mothers wouldn’t have to bury a child, husbands wouldn’t have to bury their wives, children wouldn’t have to bury their parents because of the need of a new organ, being it kidney, pancreas, liver, or other.
Everyday is a great day knowing that I did make a small difference is someones life.
God bless all the work that your organization does for all those in need.