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Preston Massey – Donor

On May 22, 2004, Preston, our 18 year-old son, was driving home from Project Graduation after being up all night, celebrating with his friends.  Less than a mile from our home he fell asleep at the wheel and did not survive his accident.

Preston was a young man with a zest for life.  He played baseball, took his guitar named Grace with him everywhere and he loved making people laugh.  His goal in life was to become a nurse.  We looked forward to what God was going to do in his life.

At the time of Preston’s death we were asked if we would like him to be an organ donor.  Without hesitation we said yes.  We knew that’s what Preston would have wanted.

Preston was an organ, tissue and cornea donor.  His donations have been distributed to 19 states and a medical facility in Turkey.  Already Preston has given 62 patients hope and his gift of life continues to change the lives of others in need.

Each time we think of the future career he had chosen, it warms our hearts to know his dream was carried out.

(Story shared by Preston’s family.)