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On Friday, May 6, 2016, my husband and I were moving our 19 year old daughter home for the summer from the University of Kentucky. She had just completed her freshman year of college. We received a phone call that afternoon that changed our lives forever. We were told that our 22 year old daughter, Quinn, had been in a car accident and we needed to come to the University of Kentucky Emergency Room as soon as possible.

We knew that Quinn was planning on going to her boyfriend’s house that day. They had planned to go shopping for Mother’s Day gifts and also for my birthday, which was on May 7. We were taken to ICU, where we were told that Quinn was in critical condition and would not survive. Our daughter looked fine, as if she were sleeping.

My husband, 19 year old daughter and I spent the next day talking with doctors. We were introduced to the KODA representatives, who informed us that Quinn was an organ donor. This was something that I encouraged both of my daughters to do when the obtained their drivers licenses. However, organ donation was not something that we talked about on a regular basis. My sweet Quinn died on May 7, which is also my birthday.

Our lives were torn apart by Quinn’s death. But, we knew organ donation was something that she would want us to do. At the time of her death, she had been working as a Certified Nursing Assistant (“CNA”). She had worked at a rehabilitation hospital in our area and really enjoyed helping patients recover from accidents and other health issues. She told me many stories about patients that she helped and those that she felt a real connection with. Many of her former patients and family members would send her cards or notes to let her know how grateful they were for her thoughtfulness and caring. Quinn had plans in place to go back to school to finish her degree to become a Medical Surgical Technician. Her plan was to spend her life helping others.

As her last act of kindness and helpfulness to others, she was able to help four people. Quinn’s heart, liver and both kidneys were matches to people in the Louisville area. I wrote a letter to the recipients so they would know that she was a very special, caring, thoughtful and wonderful person that is missed tremendously by her family. KODA facilitated the delivery of the letter to the recipients. Through KODA, I have received a letter from each of the rrecipients. It is my understanding that all four recipients are doing well. I hope to hear more from them.

-Melissa- Donor Mom