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Sheri-Recipient wife

My husband received his liver transplant this past June (June 16, 2019). Mark, 38, was dying of liver failure after having a liver resection that was performed to remove his cancer (cholangiocarcinoma) from his body. He received his liver at Cleveland Clinic on Father’s Day, the most precious gift our little family (Luke 4, Anna Love 2) could have received after an already long battle fighting this determined, rare and aggressive cancer. Unfortunately, Mark’s cancer returned four months later and he passed on October 18, 2019. Being able to have four more months together, another chance at HOPE, and priceless memories together are something I and so many others will always cherish and that would have never been possible without a donor family. One donor can change SO many people’s lives! This one amazing donor changed the course of our lives and the precious life of my husband who was an emergency medicine physician who loved saving other’s lives, everyday. Of course, we always hoped for more time together but being able to share those moments together one more time as a family was so important and will live on forever in our hearts. Please consider the easy process of signing up to become and donor and the possibility of changing other’s lives with the most priceless gift someone could ever give–the gift of life!