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Tenah- Donor Mom

The worse phone call came on 5-1-2015.

It was my best friend from Arizona, she had no knowledge what is meant when someone from”University” called.  When someone from “university” calls in Kentucky, it means someone is in the hospital.  When she called I knew it was bad because I had been frantically trying to get a hold of my son all morning.

When I spoke with the nurse, she said he had been in a car accident, and advised me to have someone drive me to the hospital.   She said I couldn’t talk to him, but just to get there fast!   My husband reached the hospital before i did, but when our eyes met, I know it wasn’t good.

Walking into the room he looked like a angel, just sleeping. I didn’t understand how he could be in such bad shape.  He had no blood bruises or cuts.

When the Nuero nurse came in and explain what was wrong my heart was beating so hard I heard it in my head! My baby wasn’t coming home with us.

He was s delightful and giving, even as a small child he would open doors for women.  “Never get in front of her”, he would say, “I should always be respectful, right mom!?” he would continue, with his blanket in hand and a head full of curly blonde hair.  Those eyes were so blue!

As he got older, he was always praised for his manners and his giving spirit. That is who he was. He would rather go out of his way to make sure his friends had all they needed! He would give the shirt of is back to help others!

We found out that he registered to become an organ donor at the young age of 18.  He did this all on his own, and never told a soul.  When KODA told me this, it just made sense, he has always been very giving.


Even though a huge piece of my heart was missing, I went ahead with his wishes!

I know now, that somewhere out there, someone is still alive because of him!  He was a true hero, and he is mine! Organ Donation is amazing.  

Please make sure to have that talk with your kids, and know what they want! I wear my green Donate Life bracelet everywhere!