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Teri – Living Kidney Donor

  When I married my husband, my oldest step daughter had already received one kidney transplant. After a few years later, her kidney failed and she was on the list again for a kidney. Her blood type was the type that she could only receive a kidney from someone with the same type. I was unable to help. I had never had my nails done, and a new salon went in just down the street. I called and made an appointment. Much to my surprise the two owners were friends of mine from grade school. I hadn’t seen them in about 20 years or so. After a few visits, I realized Amy was in kidney failure and was in search of a kidney. She had previously had a kidney transplant donated by her mother. I spoke up and said I would be tested if she was looking for a donor. My next appointment Amy asked if I was serious about testing and of course I was. I was set up with University of Cincinnati transplant center and was tested. Long story short, I was a match and donated my kidney. God performed so many miracles for me during this time. UC nurses/doctors had told my husband and I to have our daughter who is also named Amy to make an appointment with them. She made the appointment and within 11 months, our daughter received her new kidney. The receipient of my kidney is still doing great and in June it will be 16 years. Our daughter is again in need of a kidney but her new kidney lasted over 14 years. We are now waiting on final testing for our niece to donate a kidney to our daughter. God has been so good you our families.