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Amy- Recipient Mom

Wilson is special. Wilson is special because he doesn’t think he is special. Wilson is special because God sent him into this world bearing an unbelievably heavy cross. Wilson was born with Biliary Atresia a disease that could only be fixed by a liver transplant. God also sent Wilson suffering and pain, the kind that most of us never have to endure. God’s blessing was that he sent this to Wilson as an infant and he doesn’t have to remember the way that kind of pain felt. As Wilson’s time with us was getting too close to ending, God sent him the most amazing and wonderful gift. God sent Wilson a new liver, the gift of a new life. God also helped a family, while suffering their own loss; find the strength to help someone else. Wilson is special because out of all the people in the world, God sent Wilson a second chance to live his life.
Wilson is a good son, grandson, brother and cousin. He does well in school. He loves to be with his friends. He likes to play golf and really just about any sport. He does well in FBLA. He is a hard worker and actually loves to work. He understands that God comes first in his life.
Wilson is special because he is a beautiful example of the blessing that is organ donation.