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Laura- Waiting on a heart

My name is Laura Bowling.

In 2010, at age 46, I was told I have congestive heart failure.  A year later I had surgery for a defibrillator.  After 5 years of being on medication I started having symptoms again. I went to Jewish hospital ER. I ended up staying for 2 weeks.  It was at this time that i was told by an awesome group of doctors that I needed a heart transplant.

I went through many test in preparation for the procedure. Although it was devastating news for myself and my family, we try to remain positive. I could not get through this without the love support and prayers from family and friends.  For my family, this type of news is all too familiar, as my Dad had a Heart transplant in 1984. He was the 7th recipient to receive a heart transplant at Jewish. (He lived 9 years!).

I have only been on the list since May 2017. I remain very positive and up beat about this situation.  I’ve got an amazing group of doctors and an awesome support group of family and friends. I would love to see more people become organ donors. Life is so precious and giving the gift of life is truly the best gift of all.